Advance Health Care Directive

Advance Health Care Directive Tupelo, MS

Although never easy, preparing for end-of-life medical decisions can be immensely beneficial by providing comfort and peace of mind for both you and your family. Due to the unpredictable nature of illness and injury, it’s best to create an advance health care directive prior to facing a crisis.

An advance health care directive designates a person to make important health care decisions when an incapacitated person is no longer capable of making those pertinent decisions. This essential document also referred to as a living will (or a health care declaration, medical power of attorney, durable power of attorney for health care, or patient advocate designation) ensures that your wishes are carried out by specifically outlining the degree of care you desire if you are unable to communicate with health care providers.

An advance health care directive should be as specific as possible to cover any medical care issues that may arise in the future. Without proper documentation, family members may be left squabbling over difficult decisions with doctors who are limited to discuss HIPPA protected medical records.

Meeting with an experienced estate planning attorney can help you navigate this complicated process. Our legal team can assist you in the naming of a trusted agent to supervise your future care and help you explore all of the options available for both comfort care and life-prolonging medical treatments.

In addition to placing a health care power of attorney in place to articulate your desires when you physically cannot, you may want to appoint a financial power of attorney as well. This allows a named representative to make financial, legal, and business decisions such as real estate transactions or filing of taxes on your behalf if you are unable to act due to a physical or mental condition. After analyzing your unique situation, our team will counsel you on the best plan of action.

As we all know, life is uncertain. However, one thing we are certain of is that everyone needs an advanced directive no matter their age or health condition. With expert advice on legal issues, medical concerns, and family matters, our legal team can help you make the most important health care decision of your life by protecting your wishes for your medical future.