Estate Planning, Business, & Probate Resources

Mississippi Estate Tax Guide

When considering estate planning, it’s critical to consider the tax implications of the decisions that you’re making. Building awareness about how taxes could affect you and your...
Estate Planning During Recession

Estate Planning During a Recession

Many people prefer to pinch their pennies during a financial downturn, and we understand why many consider estate planning a luxury. It’s reasonable to want to avoid...
Business Estate Planning

Estate Planning for Business Owners

An estate plan is an essential tool for anybody looking to protect and control their hard-earned wealth and assets. This is especially true for business owners. Whether...
Do I need a living trust in Mississippi

Do I Need A Living Trust?

While creating a will is an important and well-known part of estate planning, to make sure your assets and loved ones are truly protected when it comes...
Mississippi Estate Planning Lawyer

Gun Trusts: Targeted Estate Planning

If you have a gun collection, your estate plan may be missing the mark if it fails to include a specially drafted gun trust. The typical estate...
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