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Preparing Your Family for an Emergency during School Hours

Every family should establish a clear plan to handle an emergency that occurs during school hours. Unfortunately, many parents mistakenly believe that filling out the school’s emergency...
Mississippi Estate Planning Lawyer

Avoid Family Feuds through Proper Estate Planning

A family feud over an inheritance is not a game and there is no prize package at the end of the show. Rather, disputes over who gets...
Mississippi Estate Planning Lawyer

Planning Pitfall: Probate vs. Non-Probate Property

Transfer of property at death can be rather complex.  Many are under the impression that instructions provided in a valid will are sufficient to transfer their assets...
Mississippi Estate Planning Lawyer

8 Reasons Young People Should Write a Last Will and Testament

Imagine if writing a last will and testament were a pre-requisite to graduating from high school. The graduate walks across the stage, hands the completed will to...
Mississippi Estate Planning Lawyer

You’ve Finally Done Your Healthcare Directives – Now What?

Healthcare directives are vitally important. These important documents can mean the difference between your health care wishes being carried out or family members fighting over whether a...
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